If you are looking for a hip but not commercialized, cool but not snobby, refined but also cozy beach vacation in Turkey, Antalya’s charming beach town of Kas is the place. Take it from a Turkish travel blogger who has been all along the country’s coast: Kas, has unparalleled beauty, unique offerings and a chill vibe that are quite unmatched.

First of all, it is nothing like the rest of Antalya. Let’s put it this way: Antalya is THE most popular tourist destination in the country. If Antalya is the top model of the country– always in the spotlight, catering to mass tourism– then Kas is the free-spirited artist boyfriend. With a smaller fan base of his own, he’s a little boho, incredibly charming, appeals to young professionals and hasn’t gone mainstream (yet). Far from posh, he’s accessible and classy in an intellectual way, and perfectly content to live on the sidelines of his partner’s glory.

Kas is hard to get to but once you arrive there are amazing things to do. I mean, where else in the world can you kayak over an antique sunken city and dive with sea turtles in the same day? Kas also has some of the best nightlife and eating options in Antalya. Its cobblestoned streets are lined with bustling cafes and restaurants, live music venues and small bars.

It is also home to some of the most picturesque beaches in the country, including the awe-inspiring Kaputas. Pristine nature, dreamy sands, once-in-a-lifetime activities, yummy food, great people – in short, Kas has it all.

In this blog, we will share all the information you need for a great trip to Kas. Let’s start with:

What is the best time to go to Kas?

Summer is the high season for Kas. It will be crowded and very hot, but still nice. However, it is even better April-June and Sept-November.

How to get to Kas?

Kas is under the jurisdiction of Antalya but it is so far from the city that flying to Dalaman Airport instead of Antalya makes more sense.
Antalya Airport to Kas takes 3 hr 20 min by car.
Dalaman Airport to Kas takes 2hr 15 min by car.

Either way, getting to Kas isn’t exactly a piece of cake and, actually, that is something we are very grateful for since it keeps Kas, Antalya just the way it is.

You can take a shuttle to Kas from the airport or rent a car. I like to rent a car because it gives me more freedom in the town as well.

How long in Kas?

The minimum you should consider is 3 days, because getting to Kas takes a lot of time. You can even spend another 2 or 3 days discovering the surroundings of Kas, Antalya. If you are coming in the summer, there are a ton of things to do in and around Kas. You won’t get bored before a week’s out.


You can view the map by zooming in.

Places to See

  1. Kaputaş Beach
  2. Kaleköy Village
  3. Kaş City Center
  4. Meis
  5. Uzun Çarşı
  6. Kaş Camping
  7. Saklıkent Canyon
  8. Düşler Akademisi
  9. Patara Beach
  10. Kaş Panorama

Where to Eat

  1. Pell’s
  2. HiJazz
  3. Echo Bar
  4. Gagarin
  5. No 11 Bar

1. Swim at Kas’ Gorgeous Beaches

Flickr / Alexander van Loon

The beaches in Kas have this special tone of turquoise that makes them ridiculously beautiful. Nope, we didn’t use Photoshop or filters in any of these pictures; it’s just the way it is. You will have an urge to stop the car and swim in every bay you drive past.

Of course, you’ll have to see Kaputas, which is Kas’s most famous beach. However, it gets crowded during the peak season, so you might want to explore other options as well. You can always drive along the shore until you find some isolated spot, but most people prefer beaches with facilities. It is nice to have a cafe and a toilet around.

We made a list of the Best Beaches in Kas, Turkey.
On top of that, we’ve listed out the Antalya Beaches – Where To Swim In Antalya. Number 1 on the map.

2. Canoe Over the Ancient City of Simena in Kekova

Kayaking over a sunken city in Kas, Turkey

If you still haven’t made up your mind about whether or not Turkey inhabits one of the most beautiful and varied geographies in the world, then you have to see this (and of course, the Gulf of Gokova, Artvin, Kars, and Cappadocia).

A big earthquake that struck the ancient city of Simena flooded it. Tombs are sticking up out of the water, and you can paddle above walls and among churches and houses built on hills that have been turned into islands. Because the historical artifacts here have often been plundered, you are not allowed to swim in the area, and boats aren’t allowed to stop here, but they can sail past without a problem. You can take a boat tour from Demre. (We will also talk about boat tours in the rest of the article).

But the best way to visit this place is by canoeing. There are daily tours that take you on a tour of the ancient city and the nearby cave as well as to Kalekoy. If you prefer something with a little more adventure, then you can take a couple of days to camp out on the beach or stay a couple of nights. There are a few adventure companies that organize tours on demand. We booked with Bougainville Travel.

3. Dive with Caretta Turtles & Fish

Diving with the turtles in Kas – Antalya just can’t be beat.

The ground, rocks and water in Kas are all precious. The ancient city springs forth from the water, and it’s hands-down the best diving spot in Turkey. Unfortunately, diving in the country typically ends in frustration. You probably won’t see colorful fish – if any at all.

But thanks to Kas’ untouched ecosystem, you are very likely to see both fish and sea turtles. And because the waters are so warm, there are also semi-tropical fish. The waters here also offer a sunken ship and tank and an impressive underwater valley. There are a thousand companies you can dive with, but we’ve already compiled a list in our article on Scuba Diving in Kas, Turkey.

4. Kalekoy Is One Of Turkey’s Most Special Villages

Kalekoy is a small and quiet village that can only be reached by water. This is actually a peninsula, but there is no connection outside of a footpath, so you’ll have to take a boat in order to reach it. This means all the women in the village are boat captains. 😉

The locals settled in the historic remains of Lycia and Byzantium, and they have lived there for centuries. So the village has a very ancient and unique feel to it. The Koc family (who owns one of the biggest holding companies in Turkey) also has a house here.

There are a couple of restaurants and hotels but, aside from that, there’s not much else. It’s still a must-see place on our list of things to do in Kas, Turkey. The castle, which the city is named after, boasts a spectacular view of the area. The best thing to do here is to eat ice cream and watch the sunset. If you’re planning to go on one of the boat or canoe tours we mentioned above, then Kalekoy will already be on the route. Number 2 on the map.

5. Join the October 29 Republic Day Celebrations

Source: İlknur Şahin / Foursquare

Every October 29th, we celebrate the foundation of the Turkish Republic and the best celebrations happen in Kas, Turkey. How the people of Kas came to have the best celebration culture goes a long way back.

Even today, it is difficult to reach Kas and it was even more so in the old days. Because Kas wasn’t well connected, the people of Kas celebrated the declaration of the republic after hearing about it two days later. That day, they gathered in the center of the square and burned a great fire. The fire was large enough to be seen from the islands. A group of 150-200 people gathered around, shared a meal and celebrated by singing traditional Turkish songs for hours.

This tradition has been going on with the same enthusiasm for the past 94 years. For this reason, we think it’s interesting to be in Kas to see the celebration as it has been nearly a century before. Number 3 on the map.

6. Our Favorite Breakfast Place in Istanbul Moved to Kas – Don’t Miss Out!

Fotoğraf Kaynak: www.facebook.com/PellsGeceGunduzLezzet

For those of you who think that all Turkish breakfast is the same, we recommend that you try Pell’s. You won’t be disappointed. The little touches make a big difference. Pell’s used to be located in Cihangir, a neighborhood in Istanbul, and we used to be regulars. The owner of the place, Pelin, then moved to Kas and left us nowhere to go on Sundays. 😉

The new place in Kas is adorable and is located in the garden of a historic house under three lemon trees. This provides for natural relief from the summer heat – and you can cool down even more with a Bacardi cocktail they make right in front of you using one of the lemons from the trees. We also recommend dinner – the roasted red pepper and salted greens salad and some goat cheese puree.

Sometimes the venue might turn into an open-air jazz concert, or a neighborhood pub with Balkan music blaring, or a venue for tastings that can turn into a gourmet event. The Demirhindili, Sari Hindi, Gul, and Adacayli Peri Dudagi cocktails are made by the owner herself with great care. It is open from 9 am until 2 in the morning. Highly recommended! Address: Andifli Mahallesi, Topcu Sokak, No: 20, 07580. Tel: (0242) 836 43 82. Click here for the location. Number 1 on the map.

7. Opt for an Adrenaline Rush and Try Canyoning

Canyoning is one of the most amusing and adrenaline-filled nature activities – not just in Kas, Turkey too. Canyoning involves some canyon trekking, a bit of climbing, and jumping into rivers or ravines (as you can see in the photo). Kas is one of the few ideal places in the world where you can do this and, more importantly, there are regular canyoning tours.

The most experienced outdoor companies for this are Bougainville and Dragoman. They’ll supply you with all the technical equipment you need, but you’ll need to bring your own outdoor boots. It’s not necessary, but we recommend that you also bring your own sports gloves.

8. A Kas Classic: Jazz Nights

Source: ayhan yavuz / Foursquare

Kas is the type of place where you can swim in the sea all day, get a little buzz from sipping on a bit of raki (an anise seed liquor) and relax while listening to some jazz. For that, you can check out these spots:

Hi Jazz

Jazz music has a different kind of story in Kas, Turkey. This place is home to this story, and it’s one of the few places that only does live performances. Hi Jazz exhibits rock jazz blues as well as other types of alternative music and has hosted many big names in Turkey such as Ediz Hafizoglu, Feti Caglayan, Suleyman Bagcioglu, Tumer Dalgakiran, Ercan Temel, Fatma Baba, Sinem Yilmaz. It’s a great option to listen to quality live music while sipping on beer. Address: Andifli Mahallesi, Zumrut Sk. Click here for the location. Number 2 on the map.

Echo Bar

Echo is housed in an excellent historic stone building and is one of the more famous performance bars in Kas. The bar, which has a large space, also hosts famous Turkish names and groups throughout the summer. A few of the names include Yeni Turku, Birsen Tezer, Bulent Ortacgil, Jehan Babur, Sibel Köse, Can Gox, Yuzyuzeyken Konusuruz, Sarp Maden and Adamlar. There is a garden where you can drink and talk before the concerts begin. Phone: 0539 633 32 46. Click here for the location. Number 3 on the map.

9. Night Life (You Can Catch Up with Your Sleep on the Beach the Next Day)


This is a calm, laid-back rock bar. It’s also the hippest place in Kas. Here, they host a lot of famous DJ names. Aylin Aslim – who is the owner of the place and came to Kas only two years ago – plays and allows DJ friends who visit to play as well. You are likely to encounter someone new every time you go. If you start the night with a bacon hamburger while enjoying the serene scene of the Kas marina, then you won’t feel hungover the next day – no matter how crazy the night got. That’s what everyone says. The cocktail menu is also quite nice. We recommend trying Tourist Omer. Address: İskele Geçidi Sokak No: 2 Andifli Mahallesi, 07580. Tel: 0531 838 78 64. Click here for the location. Number 4 on the map.


In Kas, Turkey, the bars are very close to each other, almost in a line formation. No. 11 is a very beautiful place right in the middle. They have a lot of cocktails, and we recommend Gelincik Vodka and Damla Sakizli Vodka Shot. Another favorite is the Pear Martini. The staff working there have obviously been in the tourism sector for years and know how to make you comfortable. They also play nostalgic Turkish pop music a couple of times a week. This is one of the places that’s so popular people are spilling out into the streets. Address: Terzi Sk.No: 1 Andifli Mahallesi. Tel: +90 536 482 43 32. Click here for the location. Number 5 on the map.

10. Visit the Island of Meis and Eat Some Octopus

Greece’s Meis Island may as well be a part of Kas, Turkey, (just don’t tell the Greeks)

“We don’t see Meis as a Greek island… it’s a part of us. It’s our neighborhood. The land has borders but not our hearts,” said Uncle Mehmet, one of the inhabitants of Kas. People who live in Meis often come to Kas to visit people and to shop. Locals from Kas also frequently go to Meis thanks to the regular transportation offered by ferry boats. The scene in Meis is idyllic with rows of colorful wooden houses and octopi drying in the sun.

Meis is a small Greek island that’s located directly opposite of Kas. There are about 400 people who live there, and there are churches, museums and “the blue cave.” As the second-biggest cave in Europe, the Blue Grotto is at the back of the island. In peak season, a ferry goes out there daily, but it only runs once a week during the winter.

The companies that arrange for these tours are located in the Kas square. One is called Kahramanlar Turizm and the other is Meis Express. If you don’t have a Schengen Visa (and need one), then you’ll need to hand over your documents a couple of days in advance in order to go to Meis. Number 4 on the map.

11. Hang Around the Uzun Bazaar

If you’re unsure what you should buy while in Kas, Turkey, we’ll tell you: handmade silver jewelry, Lycian carpets, kilims, glass artwork, wooden carved figures and local designer’s clothes.

You might be happy to know that the vendors in Kas bazaar have a different attitude than the vendors in other tourist areas. Nobody working in the market is jumping on you to try and sell you something, but they are always there to help if you need anything. Number 5 on the map.

12. Enjoy the Sea at Kas Camping

We’ll tell it to you straight – Kas Camping is a bit expensive for camping, but it’s one of our favorite camping grounds in Kas, Turkey even, as the concept is very well thought out. It’s also right on the water and calm and in a convenient location. Be sure to contact them ahead of time to learn about prices, as they change seasonally.

You can come with your own tent or caravan, or stay in the bungalows. There are communal bathrooms, and there is a cafe which healthy options like granola and Turkish summer classics such as watermelon and white cheese. Sometimes they host yoga camps. Even if you’re not staying here, you can still come to hang out. Click here for the location. Number 6 on the map.

Those of you who like camping can check out our post on the Best Camp Sites in Turkey.

13. See Saklikent Canyon


Saklikent Canyon is a good alternative to escape from the heat of Kas during the summer with its cool waters. The canyon runs 18 kilometers and reaches a height of 200 meters and has narrow passages. The Esen River flows through the canyon and gives life to a huge pine forest, which is now under protection.

There are several businesses in the canyon. Some older women sell gözleme (Turkish-style pancake) in front of their houses and men sell walking shoes. For those of you who have traveled around Turkey, this is a familiar site. 🙂 The canyon offers a lot of adventure, but if you do set out for it, make sure to bring water and wear (or buy) proper shoes. It’s definitely not a place where you can get by wearing flip-flops.

There are also companies in Kas that organize tours to the canyon, but you can also go on your own with a car and park. The tours going there usually spend 1-2 hours. We recommend Bougainville or Dragoman. Click here for location. Number 7 on the map.

14. Walk the Lycian Way, One of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Walks

If you’re looking for adventure in Kas, Antalya, the Lycian Way is a historically significant trail with glorious views.

Kill three birds with one stone on the Lycian Way: Trekking, mysterious ruins and fantastic views abound on this historically significant and famous long-distance trail in southern Turkey. The massive 535-km route starts in Fethiye and crosses through to Antalya, hugging the coast of what was known as Ancient Lycia (hence, the name). The trail is often included on many a top-10 hiking list, and we recommend hiking a small portion of it.

The more time you set aside for the Lycian way, the better. Nowadays, many say to plan for four days for some of the trek (hiking the full trail takes on average 29 days), but you can even plan for one day, and you won’t regret it! We suggest you start either in Demre or Hoyran. Even if you’re unable to hike the path, we recommend that you drive up to see the landscape, views and ruins it has to offer.

If you start in Demre…

Demre, which is home to the ancient city of Myra, the St. Nicholas Church and tasty blue crabs, is 40 minutes away from Kas, Antalya. St. Nicholas Church is an important pilgrimage stop for many Orthodox Christians, and the church hosts activities celebrating St Nick every year on December 6th. Even the logo for the Demre municipality is a Santa Claus.

And now about those blue crabs – you’ll be happy to hear that you can easily find them served in Demre. Click here for Demre’s location. Number 8 on the map.

If you want to spend a few days on the trail and would rather not camp, the Hoyran Wedre Hotel is a pleasant pit stop for walkers and harcore hikers alike, even just for a lunch.

What’s so great about Lycia?

The Ancient Lycians had no kings, instead, it was a matriarchal society. Many small settlements would come together to decide who would rule over them. In other words, they built the first democracy in the world. 😉

During times of war, young people and doctors who were deemed valuable were sent into the mountains so they could start a new settlement once the fighting was over. We would have known much more about the civilization if a violent earthquake hadn’t inundated the area.

15. Try out Coasteering, You Won’t Find Another Place to do it!

Coasteering is one of the most entertaining sports that brings the sea and rocks together. Essentially, you explore a rocky coastline by swimming, climbing and jumping – no boats or rafts. Of course, the difficulty level varies according to which route you take, but we can say that tours in Kas, Turkey are suitable for beginners. If you are afraid of water or heights, then this might not be for you. Someone who has difficulty jumping into the water from a height of one meter might hold back the entire group.

16. Volunteer at the Dreams Academy (Dusler Akademisi)

The library of Dusler Akademisi

Düşler Akademisi /Dreams Academy helps socially disadvantaged people to participate in society. At their Kas Campus, they’ve created opportunities people with disabilities, Roma and any disadvantaged individuals – but they’ve also displayed an understanding for the environment that is rare in Turkey by producing their own electricity and engaging in ecological agriculture. And they’ve done all this with the support of volunteers.

It’s also well known that they take good care of their volunteers. You can get more information about volunteering from their website. Click here for the location. Number 9 on the map.

17. Explore Ancient Cities

You’ll find more than just the beach life in Kas – Turkey is full of ancient ruins.

Take a break from the sea, sand and sun to explore the historical riches of this unique geography. Although the ancient cities here are not as well known as other places such as Ephesus, Aspendos and Hierapolis, there are some worth seeing on the border of Kas-Kalkan. We recommend checking out the Antiphellos Antique Theater, Xanthos Antique City and Patara Antique City. To find out more information, head over to our Places To See In Kas post.

18. Take a Boat Tour

See the sunken city under water

One of the best ways to explore Kas and its surroundings is by boat, and we recommend that you spend at least one day on a boat tour. Boats depart from the old harbor.

Kekova tours usually include a full-day boat trip with meals. Kekova is a place visited and preferred by thousands of visitors to Kas, Turkey.

What to expect on the boat tour:

Each tour follows roughly the same outline. The boat departs early in the morning and first goes to Inonu Bay, where you’ll be able to see a canyon and cave. Then, you’ll go to Aquarium Bay. Here, you’ll be able to snorkel and see the gradually increasing sea life in the area. You’ll eat lunch, then head to Tersane Bay where many historical artifacts ended up in the sea after large earthquakes hit the area.

You can swim around. After that, you’ll go to Kalekoy where you’ll spend an hour or two and eat some fabulous homemade ice cream. There are only three types of ice cream (but it changes from time to time) – peach, banana, and hazelnut – which are all absolutely delicious. All the ingredients that go into the ice cream are made locally. Then, the boat will take you to Ucagiz, which is a charming fisherman’s bay. The journey ends around 6 p.m.

19. Try Your Hand at Paragliding

Source: www.facebook.com/FlyLycia

As soon as you’re in Kas, you’ll notice the number of colorful parachutes in the sky. Tour agencies put you on a minibus 9 kilometers up Kirdavli Peak or Asas Mountain at an altitude of 600 meters. After training, they give you suits for flying, and you’ll be paired with a pilot before taking off. You can pay extra for videos and photos.

20. Swim at the Caretta Turtle Beach in Patara

Source: Gizem Balkan / Foursquare

You know those beaches you see in the movies that have long and winding shores? This is it IRL. The silky sand stretches for 18 kilometers, making Patara Beach one of the most important breeding grounds for the caretta caretta sea turtles in Turkey.

For that reason, there are a couple of things you have to be careful of here. Don’t set up an umbrella in the sand, as you could be harming a baby sea turtle that has yet to hatch. Don’t stay overnight as the turtles hatch and run into the sea at night. If you do, then don’t speak in a loud voice or shine a light as not to scare them. Thanks in advance. 😉 Click here for the location. Number 10 on the map.

21. Watch an Unforgettable Sunset

It just happened to be rainy the day we took this photo – so just imagine how much more epic the sunset is on a clear day. It is popular to enjoy a beer while watching the beautiful sunset from this location, but you will need a car. Number 11 on the map.

22. Taste Burnt and Pan-Fried Ice Cream

One of the best (or, for some, worst) things you can try in this region is burnt or pan-fried ice cream – a local specialty of Antalya. The ice cream is made from goat’s milk that is purposely burned during cooking. The burnt ice cream itself has a bit of a smoky flavor – kind of like it was caramelized – and some people really like it. Honestly, I am not a fan but you should still try it. You can get it from Nur Pastanesi, located on Bankalar Caddesi in the square. They have been doing it for years.

Another funky dairy treat is pan-fried ice cream, also very popular in the Far East. It’s only recently become trendy in Kas. The ice cream starts out as cream, and you can add whatever flavors you want. They are mixed then smoothed out onto a frozen pan and scraped into rolls. It’s fun to watch it being made. You can find pan-fried ice cream places in the square as well.


We’ve included a couple of things in this list of where to get some grub, but we have many more recommendations for Kas, Antlaya. You can find all our suggestions in our Kas Restaurants & Specialties post.


In the Kucuk Cakil Area

Lantana Aparts

This is parallel to the shore road (Kucuk Cakil Sahil). The rooms and apartments were renovated recently in 2017. Half of them face the sea, and a lot of them look toward Meis. These are the biggest apartments you’ll be able to find so close to the square.

The 50-square meter area is comfortable for groups and families, particularly if you are on a budget. Even though the location is central, it’s still far away from the noise, and we have to say that this place stands out as their concierge, Onur, is there to make your trip better. Even though the apartments have their own kitchen, they will spoil you a bit by providing you with your first meal free of charge. This price includes breakfast.

Aphrodite Pension

Aphrodite Pension is an option near the center and is walking distance to Kucuk Cakil Beach, which overlooks Kas, Antalya.

Diva Residence (allsuite) Hotel

Diva Residence Hotel is a boutique hotel consisting of 11 suites, with one or two bedrooms, overlooking Kas and Meis Island. It has a pool, and it’s far away from the sea. Its own private beach is 12 minutes away.

In the Center

Kuytu Pension

This is a charming hostel that offers a homey comfort right in the center of Kas. Located behind Uzun Bazaar, it has one of the best locations as its close to the bars, taverns, the sea, shopping and entertainment. Kuytu has modest rooms that vary in size and decor and offers nice little touches. The plants that you see lining the hallway of the pension are all from Kas.

Directly opposite the pension is a cafe that plays lovely jazz tunes. You’ll be able to eat breakfast while looking at a view of the sea. Unlike every other place, breakfast time is not fixed here – if Emine Abla hasn’t left, then you can get up whenever you want and have her prepare you something. They make things like Turkish pastries and cakes that will ensure you have a good start to your day.

Near the Ancient Theater

Kas Camping

This is located on the road from the ancient theater to the peninsula. Waking up in the cool blue waters, Kas Camping has a giant 37-year-old sycamore tree. At the campground, you can stay either in bungalows or in tents, and it’s close to the city.

Paydos Pension

Paydos Pension is located only 50 meters away from the city center and the harbor and boasts a view of the rock tombs, the famous bazaar in Kas, as well as its beaches. The owners Baris and Merve won’t treat you as customers but as friends. They also have a lovely terrace. You can come here for breakfast or for an evening beer, and they’ll welcome you with open arms.

Kas Hotel

This is the closest accommodation offered by the sea. But it’s also the most expensive on our list.


This place offers two-, three, and four-person rooms in the village of Cukurbag. It is great for those who want to be out in nature and to clear their heads. Some minibusses leave at regular intervals to come here, and you’ll arrive in only 15 minutes. Just think, it’ll only take you 15 minutes to reach heaven!

On the Cukurbag Peninsula

Lukka Exclusive Hotel

This is a boutique hotel on the Cukurbag Peninsula, with balconies and great views.

In Demre

Simena Pension

Simena Pansiyon is a traditional village house in Kalekoy. Ideal for small groups or families.

In Kalkan

Hotel Villa Mahal

This boutique hotel was voted “The Most Romantic Hotel in Europe” by Conde’ Nast Johansens in 2007. Even if you don’t decide to stay at the hotel, you can come here to enjoy dinner at their restaurant.


Kas is a town in the Mediterranean region west of Antalya. Fethiye and Kemer are located in the vicinity.

Kas is located:

  • 126 kilometers from Fethiye, or about 2 hours by car,
  • 147 kilometers from Kemer, or about 2 hours and 28 minutes by car,
  • 192 kilometers from the center of Antalya, or about 3 hours and 20 minutes by car,
  • 323 kilometers from Alanya, or about 5 hours by car,
  • 647 kilometers from Ankara, or about 8 hours 15 minutes by car,
  • 808 kilometers from Istanbul (Besiktas), or about 9 hours and 55 minutes by car.


By bus

If you enjoy traveling by bus and are in no hurry, then you can catch buses leaving at frequent intervals. Even in the offseason, you’ll be able to find bus tickets every day from bus stations in larger cities. The journey takes about 13 hours from Istanbul, 8 hours from Ankara, and 6 hours from Izmir.

By plane

There are two alternatives for those who want to fly – you can either go to Dalaman or Antalya Airport. After that, you’ll have to use minibusses or shuttles to reach Kas. You can share your shuttle with other people on Facebook (there’s a page for it). The journey takes 2.5 hours from Dalaman and 3.5 hours from Antalya.

By Car

You can go to Kas via Fethiye or from Antalya, Kemer, Kumluca, Finike, and Demre. For those of you going from Ankara, then after passing the province of Bucak, you’ll go through Korkuteli and head onto the coastal road going to Elmali-Gombe.


  1. Good Day,nice blog.I am visiting in early August and cannot decide to either go to Kalkan or Kas.Both sound amazing .Any suggestions?

    1. Kaş has more things going on. You can easily spend 5 days in Kaş without getting bored. Kalkan is much smaller but super cute. If you have the time you can do 3 days in Kaş and 2 in Kalkan. Otherwise just stay in Kaş

  2. Hey guys!
    It’s a great post, love it. Me and my bf are planning to visit Kas in June-July. Arriving to Antalya and driving towards Kas with a 4 days stop in Tekirova to explore that region and probably do a hike on Lycian trail. Would like to get your recommendations about a Lycian trail. Where to start if you know, what is the best part of the trail?
    And another question if it’s worth to stop in Tekirova? Do you have any recommendations for location to stop for few days between Antalya and Kas?
    Since Kas is our final destination we are definitely planning to use your recommendations on Kas attractions.

    Thaks for your reply!

    1. Hi,
      Lycian trail is excellent and spring is the best time to do it.
      If you have only 4 days to cover both the trail and Kaş definitely skip Tekirova.

  3. We’re going next week – so glad we came across your guide! My fiance is a HUGE fan of your IG page. Keep rocking it guys! Thanks for the amazing tips.

  4. Hi. I’m thinking of visiting Kas November. Is it still warm for pools and watersports? What is the temperature that time of the year?

    1. Hi, August is the hottest month in Kaş. In this month, the average temperature is around 30°C.

  5. Hi, we are thinking of visiting in end of July with 2 kids . Would it be too hot to enjoy the outdoor?
    Thanks for the wonderful post !

    1. Yes it will be hot for sure but do not worry you will survive somehow with a little help of water activities. 🙂

  6. Hi what a fantastic post, real treasure. We are going to Kas in the last week of October. Is it going to be warm enough to swim, do canyoning and visit Saklikent gorge? Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi, October is a one of the best months to visit Kaş. Certainly it would be warm enough to swim and for canyoning.

  7. Hi! Thanks for this incredibly helpful post! I have a few questions and wondering if you can help!

    Do you know if the water would be warm to swim in the first week of May?

    Are there places to rent snorkeling masks and life jacket for free and easy snorkelling and beach activities?

    1. Hey Wendy,
      In May we open the swimming season. I do not knpw where you could rent snorkeling equipment but you can always buy there. It is probably safer to have your own during the pandemic anyway.

  8. Thank you for this great post!!! The world has incredible beauty which makes us visit new places for sure.

  9. Hi we are looking at going too Kas in May/June too what looks like a beautiful part of Turkey.
    We are looking at a hotel called Begonvil and wonder if you know this hotel and if you would recommend it?
    We also want to kayak and would you recommend booking this prior too arrival or when you arrive?
    We will only be going for 7 nights

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