The most common question we get asked is about where to stay in Cappadocia. Alas, the answer to this is not so simple. Not only is the area rather spread out, but Cappadocia might have the best choice of hotels in all of Turkey. There are a number of boutique hotels designed to replicate something of the aesthetic of the cave dwellings of the area’s original inhabitants. Plus, thanks to the Instagramability of the area’s other-worldly terrain and skies clouded over with hot-air balloons in every color, it’s no wonder the place has generated much competition between hoteliers.

Cappadocia’s best hotels

In terms of where to stay in Cappadocia, if you want ambiance, the cave hotels listed below are in a league of their own. A night in these hovels is an incredible experience and if you have the budget, or are looking for something special for a honeymoon, then one you’ll never forget. Needless to say, with such incredible terrain, the views on offer from each are spectacular. If some of these appear a little too pricey, however, fear not! We also have a couple of alternative recommendations that should suit every budget down to the ground.

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So, which area of Cappadocia is the best to stay?

If you are going to hire a car, then you needn’t worry about exactly where to stay in Cappadocia. Simply follow your heart’s (or your budget’s) desire. The region is not so vast. Avanos, for instance, is perhaps the farthest afield of the various villages and settlements, but even this is relatively close-by the main attractions.

If you don’t have a car, there are minibusses that can shuttle you from place-to-place around the area. But if this should be the case, then make sure you plan what you would like to see in advance. This means reading the various sights and activities listed in our Cappadocia Activities article would be a bright idea. Wherever you go, your path will be surrounded by the area’s famous Fairy Chimneys, so you can consider that ticked off your list as soon as you arrive. But for many, the underground city is the biggest draw. If like them, this is your main goal, then consider its proximity when deciding where to stay in Cappadocia. For more information on other sites, have a look on our Things to Do in Cappadocia page.


Argos in Cappadocia ($$$)

Most would agree that luxury is at its finest from when precious history is enveloped in sophistication. Only then does luxury turns into one of the rarest and unreplicable experiences. Located in the biblical town of Uchisar and built to incorporate a 1500-year-old monastery, ancient underground tunnels, Argos In Cappadocia is one of the most unique and elegant hotels in the world.

The experience is further heightened with the majestic hill-top views of the UNESCO World Heritage fairy-chimneys and ancient dwellings. In its open-air pool, you have the rare opportunity of swimming under hot air balloons while they glide peacefully across the surreal landscape. If you prefer the keep dry while enjoying the views, you can opt for a massage or taste wines from their cellar of 22000 bottles. Alternatively, you can try the regional cuisine or Turkish specialities at Seki Restaurant. The restaurant sources through local providers and uses herbs and veggies from its own organic garden which you can visit.

This very special blend of features quickly put the Argos on the international radar. The hotel is highly decorated with awards from travel authorities such as National Geographic, Conde Nast, Internaional Hotel Awards and more. To wrap it up, it is the ultimate way to treat yourself in Cappadocia. If you are on a honeymoon, it does not get more romantic this. Also consider checking out their suites which offer scenic jacuzzis or private en-suite pools. Click for details and booking information Phone: +90 (384) 219 31 30 Instagram: Argos in Cappadocia Facebook: Argos in Cappadocia

Museum Hotel ($$$$)

Source: www.facebook.com/museumhotelcappadocia

This is one of the most popular of Cappadocia hotels, with all the air and charm of a sumptuous museum given through its ornate design and antique-strewn décor. Plenty of hotels in the area boast a stunning panorama of the valleys, but this is something beyond. The rooms are equipped with everything you could want, and there’s even a room service menu so you can dine while eating up the view. Of course, all this comes at a price, but if you want luxury, this is it. Click for details and booking information.

Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa ($$$)

Source: www.ccr-hotels.com

The region’s top spa-hotel, the Cappadocia Cave looks right over the pristine Pigeon Valley. This Cappadocia hotel possesses an expansive spa and sauna and serves traditional local dishes, as well as a selection of Japanese, Chinese, and Indian cuisine. Click for details and booking information.

Taşkonaklar ($$$)

Source: www.facebook.com/Taskonaklar
Source: taskonaklar.com

The rooms here are clean and comfortable and offer as view as good as any and all in Cappadocia. But where Taşkonaklar gets one over the competition is with a number of jacuzzis. 6 kilometers from Göreme, the hotel includes a bar and restaurant and is the perfect choice for those who want a little luxury. Click for details and booking information.


Mira Cappadocia Hotel ($$)

Source: www.facebook.com/riversidemansion

This a family-run Cappadocia hotel crafted from an old, stone house and every room within is cozy and authentic. The terrace looks out over the Kızılırmak River, and this, combined with its airy and comfortable rooms make it the top choice in Avanos for us. The boutique hotel offers free parking and can arrange airport transfer for an extra fee. Click for details and booking information.

Azure Cave Suites ($$)

Source: www.facebook.com/Azurecavesuites

As Azure Cave Suites are situated right in the heart of Göreme Historical National Park, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful sight of Uçhisar, the Çavuşin Castles, and Avanos, not to mention a sky filled with colorful balloons, every morning. Like many Cappadocia hotels, the rooms are cavernous, stone structures and are spacious and comfy. The breakfast comes with a series of spreads and is really rather tasty. You can also contact the hotel to arrange for airport transfer and tour packages. Click for details and booking information


Traveller’s Cave Hotel ($$)

Source: www.facebook.com/travellerscavehotel

At just a minute stroll from Göreme town center, this is great for those who want to know where to stay in Cappadocia that isn’t entirely in the sticks. It has an amazing terrace that offers great views during sunrise and sunset. The rooms are carved into the igneous rock of the area. The hotel also rents out its own bikes for those who wish to make use. Click for details and booking information.

Cappadocia Cave Suites ($$)

Source: www.facebook.com/cappadociacavesuiteshotel

The colorful and uniquely-designed Cave Suites hotel rooms blend seamlessly with the cavernous style typical of the area. The location and views available from this hotel are stunning, not least from the hotel’s own Sunset Cafe that overlooks the valley. The Historia Restaurant, located inside the hotel, is also the perfect choice for handmade breakfasts and dinners to satiate you round the day. Airport pick-up from Kayseri and Nevşehir can also be arranged for a fee and the hotel will help arrange guided tours and balloon trips (and point you in the direction of Turkish theme nights if that’s your thing). Click for location and booking information.

Artemis Cave Suites ($$)

Source: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100017068960747

The rooms here are specious and cozy, offering fantastic views and the hotel can even rent you a car or bike. The personnel at this Cappadocia hotel are extremely attentive and will go out of their way to help you with whatever you need. Click here for location and booking information.

Cappadocia Inn ($)

Source: www.facebook.com/cappadociainn

The Cappadocia Inn lies at an awesome vantage point in the middle of Göreme National Park a short walk from Love Valley and Zemi Valley. Some rooms come in the form of a cave and there are a number of options to choose from. The hotel serves an open buffet breakfast in the mornings and, though it might be a little more expensive than a camping trip, if budgeting is a big part of how you decide where to stay in Cappadocia, this is very competitive. Click here for location and booking information.


Dere Suites Cappadocia ($$$)

Source: www.facebook.com/DereSuites

This is a well-furnished, stone-laden Cappadocia hotel has holds incredible views and is also note-worthy for its expansive wine cellar. An open buffet breakfast is included, and lunch and dinner are available at the hotel restaurant. The hotel has free parking, but airport transfer is available for an extra fee. Click for details and booking information.

Kayakapı Premium Caves ($$$)

Source: www.facebook.com/KayakapiPremiumCaves

The hotel is in close proximity to Göreme Open-Air Museum and in 2018, was awarded the rank of one of Trip Advisor’s Top 25 Hotels in Turkey and first in the site’s list of Top 25 Luxury Hotels. It is indisputably, also the best boutique hotel in Cappadocia. Click for details and booking information.

Sacred House ($$$)

Source: sacredhouse.com.tr

As you might guess from the name, this hotel complex is based in what used to serve as a church for 250 years. You’ll feel as though you’ve gone back to late Middle Age Anatolia, thanks to the stone walls and Greek architecture of this incredible structure. Click here for details and booking information.


Anitya Cave House ($$$)

Source: www.facebook.com/anityacavehouse

Those who wish to stay in Ortahisar are sure to appreciate the lush, authentic environment of this apartment hotel that maintains the style of the region. The grounds outside the hotel are fit for biking and horse-riding. The kitchens in each apartment are fitted with everything you might need and the hotel can provide you with car rental or airport transfer as you like. Those traveling around by car will be happy to note the free parking option nearby.

Hezen Cave Hotel ($$$)

Source: www.facebook.com/hezenhotel

The design and interiors of the Hezen Cave Hotel display a unique mélange of traditional and modern. Each room, which carries the distinct stone composition of the region, looks out onto the Ortahisar Castle. Click for details and booking information.


Sultan Cave Suites ($$$)

Source: www.facebook.com/cavehotel

The Sultan Cave Suites offers low-ceilinged, authentic abodes – each unique in their basic design. The location and views available are simply spectacular, and the hotel also includes its own restaurant. Click for details and booking information.

Kelebek Special Cave Hotel ($$)

Source: www.facebook.com/kelebekhotelcappadociaturkey

Each of the Kelebek’s rooms are traditional, unique in design, and vary in price to suit various budgets. The hotel is probably the best-located in all of Cappadocia and their tasty breakfast spreads are included in the price. The Kelebek also boasts its own Turkish bath and spa, so if you are looking for where to stay in Cappadocia for a bit of luxury, give it a shot. The staff here are decidedly helpful. Click for details and booking information.

Make sure you let us know if there’s a Cappadocia hotel that you think deserves to go on our list!

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