One of the reasons why Bodrum is such a popular summer spot among the Turks is the nightlife here. But if you are a foreigner, it is very likely that you will end up in one of the trashy places and be very disappointed. That is why your local dancing queen is here to help. 🙂

Let’s start with the basics:

How to Party In Turkey

What time does Bodrum nightlife start to pick up?
Depends on which kind of entertainment you are seeking.
– Jazz Clubs usually start early around 9 or 10. Make sure to ask what time they start.
– If you are going out dancing, it is better to wait for 12 am to head to a club. Otherwise, you can find yourself standing alone.
– It is also good to know that if the place is in a residential area and open air, they need to kill the noise at 12 am by law.

What to wear?
– For the most part, people put some effort into looking good but they dress casually.
– However, the bars in the upscale neighborhoods of Bodrum such as Yalıkavak and Türkbükü have a better-dressed crowds. So if you wanted to fancy up, this would be your opportunity.

The Turkish way of afterpartying involves eating one of the three things:
Midye dolma– Stuffed mussels. You will see the street vendors lining up around the bar. It is a must try!
Mercimek çorbası (lentil soup) or işkembe (stomach soup) – You can ask the waiters for a place.

Bodrum Nightlife Tips

– Live Music: Bodrum Yacht Club has a great jazz/funk band which plays international hits and goldies. Mavi and Mandalin regularly host famous Turkish bands.

– Beach Clubs throw great parties: Keep your eyes open for announcements. They usually post on the billboards. Happy hour parties at sunset tend to be very nice.

Xuma Beach and JuJu are are my 2 faves when it comes to beach clubs. I am not a fan but some of you might be happy to hear that the world-famous Nikki Beach has a branch in Bodrum too.

– Alternative Stuff: I’d loved to share a laid-back beach bar with a bonfire, people dancing barefoot on the sand but it just doesn’t exist.  🙁

– Chill Out Festival: If you ask me Bodrum Chill Out Festival is the best part of Bodrum nightlife. They bring artists from around the world and it becomes a great beach party. If your Bodrum plans coincide with it, do not miss it!

So here, we present a list of some of the most popular places for nightlife in Bodrum:

Bars & Clubs In Downtown Bodrum

Mavi Bar


A great little bar along Bar Street popular for its live music – especially jazz performances.

Address: Kumbahçe Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. No: 175 Tel: (0252) 316 39 32 Click for location

Mandalin Sound


A bar along the coast popular for world music performances with a cozy, fireside atmosphere and a view of the castle in the middle of the heart of Bodrum’s nightlife hub.

Address: Çarşı, Dr. Alim Bey Cad./1025 Sok., 48400 Tel: 0549 226 48 48 Web Site: Click for location.

Gekko Cocktail & Whisky ♡

Source: Gekko

The first choice when it comes to cocktail bars in Bodrum that have a hipster vibe. The bar also hosts cocktail-making workshops at regular intervals.

Address: Çarşı Mahallesi Dr Alimbey Caddesi 1025 sokak No:1/1 Tel: 0533 276 16 31 Click for location.

Moonlight Cafe Bar

Source: Emrah Öner – Foursquare

Moonlight by name, moonlight by nature, this offers a great, expansive view of the sky above Bodrum along the shore. This is a good place to drink, chat, and relax uninterrupted by pounding sound systems. Casual but cozy.

Address: Çarşı, Dr. Alim Bey Cd., Tel: (0252) 313 20 85 Web Click for location.

Kâtip Cocktail Bar ♡


One of the coolest little cocktail bars in Bodrum. Based in the courtyard of the Ha la Otel, the place plays hits from the 70s and 80s soul-funk at a level where you can still enjoy conversation.

Address: Eskiçeşme Mahallesi Davulcu Ali Sokak No 17 Tel: 0535 507 76 81 Click for location.

Marina Yacht Club ♡


The Marina Yacht Club has made a name for itself with some big Turkish pop acts in recent years, but if you would prefer to enjoy live bands without getting swamped in a tight crowd, other venues around the marina are open until late and offer a more chilled way to enjoy music.

Address: Eskiçeşme, Milta Bodrum Marina Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi No:5, 48400 Tel: (0252) 316 12 28 Web Site: Click for location.

Kule Bar

Source: Firat San / Foursquare

Kule Bar is one of the best rock bars in Bodrum – and possibly even in all of Turkey.  This is a place you can enjoy live Turkish rock performances as well as a great view of the medieval tower – or kule – the bar gets its name from.

Address: Cumhuriyet Cad. Dr. Alim Bey Bedesteni No: 55 Tel: 0 (252) 313 28 50 Web Site: Click for location.

Fancier Side of Bodrum Nightlife: Yalıkavak Bars

The Agency

Source: Nastin – Foursquare

On the chiller side of the Bodrum nightlife is The Agency. Based in Palmarina Marina, this bistro & lounge is ideal for pre-meal happy hour drinks and live music and cocktails or wine in the evening. It is actually better as a stop-off on the way to your main destination for the night. It is small, so reservations are a must.

Address: Palmarina (Merkez Mah. Çökertme Cad. Yalıkavak) Tel: 90 533 056 5484 Web Click for location.


Source: Ayça Yasin – Foursquare

The Bodrum branch of the Istanbul club of the same name, this club offers South American cuisine and open-air DJ sets. Good for those bored with the typical bar/club selections. Don’t forget to book before arrival.

Address: Yalıkavak Beldesi, AE Blok -1, 48990 Bodrum/Muğla Tel: 0549 790 18 06 Click for location.

Türkbükü Bars & Clubs

Ship Ahoy

Source: Şenay Yarar – Foursquare

In its hey-day day, this was the club that put Türkbükü on the map, but despite its star having waned in recent years, new management have brought the place back to life. The bar has more of a lounge  than raver vibe.

Address: Yalı mevki 95. Sk., Bağarası, 48483 Türkbükü  Tel: 90 252 377 5070 Click forlocation.

Maça Kızı

Source: Erdi Kasımlar – Foursquare

Maça Kızı is a long-serving beach-side hang-out in the day that transforms into party spot in the evening. Although we were not overly impressed, the view is matchless.

Address: Keleş Hanım Cd. No:27, Bağarası, 48483 Göltürkbükü Tel: +90 252 311 2400 Click for location.

Sess Türkbükü

Source: Derya – Foursquare

Sess Türkbükü has by far become the busiest venue in Türkbükü. Although it doesn’t count among our favorites, its vast popularity means it can’t be ignored. Sess mostly caters for Istanbulite regulars with Turkish music and playing for tightly packed audiences. The club expands far beyond the constraints of a night club onto the shore, meaning you can add a night stroll of the beach to your fun in the evening.

Address: 103. Sk., Bağarası, 48483 Göltürkbükü Tel: +90 534 960 3909 Click for location.

Miam Restaurant & Bar

Source: facebook/miamrestaurant

Another popular choice is Miam in Türkbükü. This establishment is not only a night haunt but also functions as a pleasant restaurant and bar in the day and is a great place to stop off for eats on the way to your final night-time destination. Open all year round and heated by atmospheric fireplaces in the winter.l

Address: Göltürkbükü Tel:+90 252 377 5612 Click for location.

Karpuz Bar

Photo Spurce:

The shot and cocktail bar opened on Tekilacılar Sokağı in 2013. Open throughout the year, Karpuz Bar hosts live music every weekend.

Address: Çarşı Mah. Banka Sok. No: 13 (Tekilacılar Sokağı) 48400 Website Tel: +90 549 316 33 13 Click for location.

Batı Bar

Photo Source:

A cute little bar offering an amazing view of the sunset from the Gümüşlük coast offering some of the funnest vibes in Gümüşlük.

Address: Gümüşlük Mahallesi, 1120. Sk., 48970 Click for location.

Off Gümüşlük

Fotoğraf Kaynak:

Off Gumusluk, is one of the most beautiful places on the Gumusluk beach. During the high season, this place runs as a bar, a restaurant, a beach and a perforamance venue. In the summer, it has events and concerts almost for all days of week. On saturday evenings, some barbecue parties are held on its garden, on sunday mornings it serves brunch named “long Sunday breakfast”. Address: Gümüşlük, 1120. Sk., 48970 Bodrum Tel: 0538 921 53 54 Click here for the location.

Club Gümüşlük

Fotoğraf Kaynak:

Club Gumusluk is just next to Off Gumusluk and serves as a restaurant, bar and performance venue. The Bodrum’s famous drink “Sandoz” can be found on the menu. If you find a chance, grab a place on the seaview. Address: Gümüşlük, Yalı Mevkii 1120. Sokak, 48970 Tel: (0252) 394 34 01 Click here for the location.

Stella Jazz Club

Fotoğraf Kaynak:

Located on a bit far from the center, Stella Jazz Club is the ideal place to listen to jazz music in Bodrum. It has an intimate and cozy atmosphere around the pine trees. During the summer season (except Tuesday evenings) between 19.00-01.00, there are lots of performances of local and foreign jazz bands accompanied by cocktails and snacks. You can follow its Instagram or Facebook pages for events’ informations. Address: Yalı, Selahattin Pınar Çiftliği 48430 Tel: 0531 299 25 75 Click here for the location.

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