Burning Man has been attracting very high profile people from the tech genius like Elon Musk to celebrities like Paris Hilton. While the Burning Man management thinks everybody has the equal right to come here, many Burners think the billionaire's row has become a threat to the Burning Man culture. So who belongs here?
I returned home from Burning Man mind-blowingly inspired. Wow! Who imagined this and how? Such a nonsensical and yet brilliant idea...? Yet so many people seem to have formed opinions based on assumptions without even having been there. So here is what happens at Burning Man from a fellow Burner.
Many people paint an image in their heads of Cuba today. This post features our observations, research, and conversations we had with the locals about what life is like in present-day Cuba.
The country is becoming more and more economically liberated, something that has trickled down to the plate. Though “fine dining” will be hard to find, there are a couple of trendy restaurants that have recently opened, elevating the food scene in the country. Here you will find the best restaurants in Havana.
Trinidad is our favorite place in all of Cuba. If you thought Old Havana was a time portal, a lot of what makes Trinidad so special is its 1800s glamour, which can be seen across the city – in its architecture and even dining halls. Here, we've narrowed down just what to do, see and eat in this colorful colonial city.
Unfortunately, with the lack of English-language resources, you aren't likely to learn much Cuban history while on the island. But this history is so necessary to fully appreciate a country like Cuba – in fact, that's its claim to fame. So, to make the most of your trip, read up on the causes and effects of the Cuban Revolution, as well as the roles played by important figures such as Fulgencio Batista, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. We've got it all here in one place!
Depending on where you're from, you'll probably need to get a visa to get into Cuba. But getting a Cuban visa isn't too difficult or costly. Read more to find out how to apply for a Cuban visa, costs, and even which agencies you can use.