Nusa Penida is a remote island off the shore of Bali. It is frequently described as what Bali would be like if the tourist never came. Its beaches are absolutely breathtaking (prettier anything we saw in Bali), its forests remain pristine and villages authentic. No Western development. It is one of our top recommendations from Bali.
Ubud is a tourist magnet and its rising fame owes no small part to the picturesque hotels in Ubud. Its many hotels look out over sumptuous valley scenery, rice paddies, and sumptuous pools - and are iconic in their own right. Where to stay in Ubud is not an easy riddle to solve. Fear not, we’ve compiled choices to suit all budget.
Canggu is one of the more relaxed sides of Bali, with a simple range of shops, cafes, bars, and of course, surf shacks. We've compiled a list of hotels and villas for solo travellers and honeymooners on all budgets, whether seeking a bunk bed for the night or a dream villa with private pool.
Uluwatu first gained prominence as a surfing hotspot however recently it got a touch of glamor with the recently opened 5-star resort hotels & spas. So Uluwatu offers accommodation for both extremes; for surfers who want to spend as little as they can in order to last as long as they can in Bali, as well as for luxury seekers.
Without doubt, the most highly sought after photo opportunity in Bali comes courtesy of the island's famous "Bali Swings". Bali’s very first swing appeared in Ubud, they have sprouted up like mushrooms among the rice paddies. Here you find a handy list of Bali swing locations and prices.
Seminyak is Bali's most stylish beach town. There are a ton of fancy hotels and restaurants. But don't worry our list of where to stay in Seminyak includes accommodation options for every budget. Whether you are looking for a uxurious honeymoon hotel or a cool backpacker hostel, we've got you covered.
For honeymoon destinations, you can't do much better than Bali. And private infinity pools, floating breakfasts, and legendary spas overlooking lush tropical forests is the recipe for a great honeymoon hotel in Bali. Here is a compilation of the best hotels and villas in Bali that deliver in terms of ambience, vibe, service, and location.
We've compiled a list of the best hotels (not-to-mention, famous tree house!) that Nusa Penida has to offer visitors on every budget. The beautiful, lush island, with its stunning sea vistas has a wealth of options for all types of traveller, from entripid backpackers to those seeking a romantic getaway.