Sodermalm, which was once Stockholm's humble quarter for the laborers, has become the hipster capital of Sweden. Designer boutiques, biodynamic cafe menus, organic stores, and vintage shops are the trademarks of Sodermalm. And this is your guide to how to get local and jump right into the hottest scenes in Sodermalm.
I spent many summers and vacations of my childhood in Stockholm due family reasons. So I am a cross between a tourist and a local. I am insider enough to know where the best spots are but also outsider enough to still have the excitement to carry around a camera. Equipped with the best of the 2 worlds, I put together what I think is the best way to explore Stockholm for the first-timers.
Without a doubt, Büyükada, dotted with historic villas nestled among the pine trees, is one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul. You can ride a bike only five minutes to get to a beach, as well as experience the island culture and enjoy the architecture. And the best part is that it is only about an hour ferry ride away!
Located at the junction of the world's 2 best seas, the Mediterranean and the Aegean, Bodrum is the most popular summer destination among the Turks. It is so huge and so touristy that a local's advice is a must to find the right spots. Here are our top recommendations:
Northern lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, is arguably the most impressive natural phenomenon. Tons of people travel north to witness the dancing lights but many return empty-handed. So in this guide, we will talk about how, when, where you should travel to maximize your chances of seeing them.
La Donaira is an award-wining luxury eco-stay. It was a flash of paradise that passed in an eye's blink. I would even say that it was the best thing about our trip to Andalusia. No hard feeling Sevilla, you are a true gem but La Donaira was exactly what we needed.
One of the reasons why Bodrum is such a popular summer spot among the Turks is the nightlife here. But if you are a foreigner it is very likely that you will end up in one of the trashy places and be very disappointed. That is why your local dancing queen is here to help. :)
Located at the junction of the 2 best seas in the world; the Aegean and the Mediterranean, Bodrum is one of Turkey's biggest beach holiday destinations. You would think that finding a swimming spot would be an easy thing to do but it is not since it is invaded by hotels and residences. So we decided to compile a list of the best places to swim.
A stay at an ice hotel has been a bucket list item for us for a very long time. So, with haste, we headed to Snow Village in Kittila, Finland. Here are some essential tips for any others who dream of experiencing this magical winter wonderland.