Located at the junction of the world's 2 best seas, the Mediterranean and the Aegean, Bodrum is the most popular summer destination among the Turks. It is so huge and so touristy that a local's advice is a must to find the right spots. Here are our top recommendations:
One of the reasons why Bodrum is such a popular summer spot among the Turks is the nightlife here. But if you are a foreigner it is very likely that you will end up in one of the trashy places and be very disappointed. That is why your local dancing queen is here to help. :)
Located at the junction of the 2 best seas in the world; the Aegean and the Mediterranean, Bodrum is one of Turkey's biggest beach holiday destinations. You would think that finding a swimming spot would be an easy thing to do but it is not since it is invaded by hotels and residences. So we decided to compile a list of the best places to swim.