Without a doubt, Büyükada, dotted with historic villas nestled among the pine trees, is one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul. You can ride a bike only five minutes to get to a beach, as well as experience the island culture and enjoy the architecture. And the best part is that it is only about an hour ferry ride away!
Turks as we are, we don’t mess around when it comes to banquet-length breakfast spreads and we are particular about quality. But Buyukada breakfasts are not about the food itself. Rather, it is about the island vibes and feeling good. A peaceful morning munch with a fresh sea breeze. Simply enjoying being away from the horn honking of the city.
Buyukada Island is one of Istanbulites' favorite escapes, especially in the summer. While the safety of swimming in Istanbul is quite a contested subject for residents here, plenty of people continue to enjoy taking a dip in the Marmara Sea anyway. But is it safe? If so what are the best beaches on Büyükada?
Buyukada has been melting pot of Jewish, Italian, Greek, Armenian and Turkish heritages and it developed a culture of its own. It has its own rhythm, habits, and specialties. Following the crowds will take you to the touristy restaurants on the shore. So better stick to our recommendations. ;)