India is bold and flavorful. It greets visitors with unique cultural and social elements that can often get quite intense for first-timers. In the spirit of conscious travel, here's the low down on some of the hard truths about what to expect in India, so you can prepare properly for your trip.
Nusa Penida is a remote island off the shore of Bali. It is frequently described as what Bali would be like if the tourist never came. Its beaches are absolutely breathtaking (prettier anything we saw in Bali), its forests remain pristine and villages authentic. No Western development. It is one of our top recommendations from Bali.
A city that flows to the rhythm of the river cutting through it, Udaipur is known as the "Venice of India." The stunning river island palace is a locale you might recognize from the James Bond movie "Octopussy." Float on the water and shop for the finest examples of miniature art in the world here.
Jodhpur, also known as the "Blue City" is an eye candy in the middle of the Thar Desert. The city's blue old town is quite popular among photographers and visitors. You can easily add it to the classic Golden Triangle route. Here are our tips to squeeze in as much as Jodhpur in a day.
Delhi is undoubtedly India's most glitzy and modern city - even leaving the Bollywood capital of Mumbai eating its dust in terms of places to see and things to get up to. We invite you to come here to discover history as it exists side-by-side with the new face of India.
Since pink is known as the color of hospitality in India, of course the city of Jaipur decided to paint its walls in shades of primrose to honor the visiting king and queen of England! With its gorgeus architecture and kites floating across the sky at sunset, Jaipur is many tourists' favorite place in India.
The most interesting and the most challenging place to see in India is Varanasi. It is the capital of death, sick and elderly come here hoping to die. It is also a major site for Hindu cremations along the river, and thus not for the squeamish or those who can't handle the morbid side of life!