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Before we move on to mouth-watering Kas restaurants & specialties, we would like to remind you that this article is a continuation 24 Epic Things to Do in Kas blog. It is packed withour recommendations to help you live your best life in Kas (Kaş in Turkish)  and it is our most important article on the town. So if you haven’t read it yet, we suggest you get to it first!

Ok ok, we can hear your stomach rumbling, so here are our recommendations for Kas restaurants.


Meyhanes are similar to taverns and are a big part of Turkish dinner culture. They revolve around drinking rakı, our national spirit made of anise, and eating A LOT. We love to enjoy long dinners at meyhanes with friends, especially on weekends, special occasions or when on holiday.

Here is how to have a true meyhane experience:

Cold dishes

When we go to a tavern, we typically start with some cold mezes (like tapas) and raki. Your waiter will either take you to a fridge where the mezes are displayed or bring a big tray to your table with all the mezes laid out for you to choose from. I recommend trying deniz böcülcesi (sea beans), fava (broad beans), atom (yogurt with fried chili peppers) and patlıcan salata (grilled eggplant salad).

Warm dishes

Next, you move on to the warm appetizers, followed by grilled fish. For the warm appetizers grilled octopus and fried calamari are some of the most popular. Paçanga böreği (dried meat in fried phyllo dough) is also great if you can find it.

Most of the time, we are already full before we get to the main course, but we keep on eating anyway! Çupra (sea bream) and levrek (sea bass) are the most common fish on the menu, but there are usually other options too. It is best to trust the restaurant’s advice on what is fresh and in season and on how to cook it. My personal favorite is lagos, but it is not very common.


Although we are to the point of bursting, somehow we manage to find room for dessert. Usually it’s one of two types of helva (tahini or semolina) with ice cream.

Below is our list of Kas restaurants with the best meyhane experience!

Nereid Meyhanesi

Source: Burcu Gul Başaran / Foursquare

Nereid is a wonderfully spacious venue where you can drink raki, munch on appetizers and listen to music from the 45’s. The staff is great, and the mezes are delicious. They also have some signature dishes that you won’t be able to find anywhere, like orange octopus and sea bass patties. Address: Andifli Mahallesi, Süleyman Sandıkçı Sk. Tel: 0542 836 34 74. Click here for the location.


This is an open grill restaurant with a fire pit at its center. The owners are constantly working, and they pay great attention to detail – and it shows in the quality of food. The meat is exceptionally tender, and the yogurt is epic. We suggest trying saslik (“shashlyk” is a dish of skewered and grilled cubes of meat, similar to shish kebab) and the house specialty zaika. Address: Andifli Mahallesi İlkokul Sk. Website Tel: (0242) 836 23 73. Click here for the location.

Cakir Meyhane

This is a local favorite amongst Kas restaurants, where you can find appetizers such as octopus. The place is more modest than fancy. Address: Andifli Mahallesi, Mehmet Karahaliloğlu Cd.No: 12. Tel: +90 532 343 85 96. Click here for the location.

Sardelaki Greek Tavern

Source: www.facebook.com/sardelakigreektavern

If you are open to experiencing something Greek at the Kas restaurants on offer, then you’re in the right place. Opened in 2016, Sardelaki is a place where you can enjoy a nice summer night with a view of Meis Island. You’ll be able to have a delicious combination of appetizers, fish and raki with Spanish shrimp, octopus and herb roast. Address: Andifli Mahallesi, Liman Sk.No: 26   Tel: (0242) 836 38 38. Click here for the location.


In the Center of Kas


This is the only French cuisine you’ll find amongst the Kas restaurants, and they have an actual French chef. The good news is that the prices are not jaw-dropping! The music and the wonderful staff make it an exquisite venue. Try the fresh tomato tart, the meats and the deserts. Address: Andifli Mahallesi, Andifli Mah. Arısan Sok.1 A. Website. Tel: (0242) 836 20 85. Click here for the location.


Source: www.facebook.com/Bilokma-Restaurant-913711625367646

Lokma is a traditional Turkish dessert where fried dough is soaked in syrup. It was something served at funerals to get people’s good blessings for the dead but in the recent years it made a massive come back as a popular snack. Sabahat, who is the founder of Bi’Lokma, started her culinary adventures with her mother’s lokma recipe, and decided to sell it at a stand in Kas. It became so successful that it eventually evolved into the current restaurant. You can come here for breakfast or watch the sunset while having wine and cheese. Or you can come here for dinner to try some Turkish food you haven’t had the chance to sample yet. Address: Andifli Mahallesi, Hükümet Cad.No: 2, 07580. Tel: (0242) 836 39 42. Click here for the location.

Hideaway Bar & Cafe

Source: Duygu Diker Salman / Foursquare

Despite being located in Kas Square, this place is a secret hideout – as its name implies. A pleasant atmosphere, garden and music can all be found here. Try the signature cocktail, The Bucket. This place is also famous for its dart tournaments. Address: Kalkan Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Cd.16 / A.  Tel: (0242) 836 33 69. Click here for the location.

Pell’s – King of Breakfast & Gastro-Pub

Istanbul was heartbroken when Pell’s moved to Kas. In the great variety Istanbul offers, we still couldn’t find a replacement for her breakfast club. When the owner moved to Kaş, she teamed up with some fine-dining chefs to prepare a fine-dining menu using local produce. It quickly became one of the best places in Kas to have dinner. The beetroot lazanga is a must-try. 😉

I know most hotels offer breakfast but you can also come here to have a legendary Aegean breakfast. You won’t be disappointed. Click here for the location.

Mavi Bar

Source: Stuart Pinfold / Flickr

As Turks, when we think of Kas, we think of colorful chairs and tables. One of the iconic Kas restaurants, this is where that notion comes from. Mavi Bar is open even during the winter. This is one of the best places to grab a drink before dinner. Address: Andifli Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Square. Tel: (0242) 836 18 34. Click here for the location.


Ninja Frutti

Source: www.facebook.com/ninjafrutti

No, this beachy town offering doesn’t mean you’ve been transported to Thailand! Ninja Frutti offers pan-fried ice cream, a Thai specialty that has spread throughout the world. You can choose your mixture – fruit, sauce, jam, biscuit or nuts. Milk will be added, then frozen with nitrogen gas. The ice cream is then cut into thin slices and rolled using a spatula. Add a topping, then nom away! Watching your ice cream being so unusually made, then eating it, makes for one pleasurable experience. Address: Andifli District Cumhuriyet Square.

Nur Patisserie – Try The Local Specialty “Burnt Ice-Cream”

In Antalya, they intentionally burn the milk to give a smoked taste to the ice-cream. I have to warn you that it is not for everyone, for example, I am not a fan,  but you should definitely try one scoop to decide for yourself.

You can get burnt ice cream from Nur Patisserie on Ataturk Boulevard in the center of Kas. The same patisserie has a branch in Kalkan as well. Address: Atatürk Bulvarı Kaş Merkez.   WebsiteTel: 0 242 836 36 46. Click here for the location.


If you’d like to take a break from Kas and want to look for a place with a bit more sophistication, then Kalkan is just a half-hour drive away.

Salonika 1881

Source: www.facebook.com/Salonika1881

This is one of Kalkan’s most popular venues. Salonika 1881 is known for its fantastic food. Its tables on the streets and white and blue decor are charming, and are typically associated with Greece. Address: Kalkan Mahallesi, No: 5, Süleyman Yılmaz Cd., 07960, Tel: (0242) 844 24 22. Click here for the location.

Hotel Villa Mahal

Source: www.facebook.com/HotelVillaMahal

Hotel Villa Mahal is an award-winning boutique hotel according to Condé Nast in Kalkan. If you’re not a hotel customer, you can reserve a table and eat at the restaurant. The tables are set up right on the sea, and it’s one of those romantic experiences that you can’t miss, particularly if your trip coincides with a full moon. Address: Kalkan Mahallesi, 07960 Kalkan. Website. Tel: (0242) 844 32 68. Click here for the location


Source: Sencer Murat Çelik / Foursquare

Kalkan Port is a place where you can find places that serve international and even Ottoman-era cuisine. They also have wonderful imam bayildi, which is a Turkish dish involving eggplant cooked in olive oil with onions, garlic and tomatoes. Address: Yalıboyu Mah.Kalkan Harbor, No: 25 Kalkan. Tel: (0242) 844 33 32. Click here for the location.

Botanical Garden Bar

Source: www.facebook.com/BotanikGardenBarKalkan

Here you can enjoy cocktails while sitting in a hammock under colorful lights in the garden. Address: Kalkan Mahallesi, 07580. Click here for the location.

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