Slipping a dragon fruit martini in an infinity on the beach is by far the best way to loosen up in Bali. Sunsets are epic in Bali and everybody rushes to the beach clubs to watch it disappear into the ocean. Infact, hanging out at a beach club at sunset is so popular in Bali that it is on every Top 28 Things To Do In Bali list.

The set up of the beach clubs are pretty much the same with an infinity pool on the beach front and a restaurant/ bar in the back. Their menus are similar, too:  They all feature mostly international dishes and a few local specialties. Yet, somehow they all have a different character and vibe. Here we compiled a list of the best beach clubs in Bali.

Some more than sunset bars, they are serious music venues. During high season they host international music festivals with a line-up of star DJs and bands. Unless there is a special event as such, there is no cover charge. However, you are of course expected to eat and drink inside.

Our Favorite Beach Clubs & Sunset Bars

La Brisa, Canggu

La Brisa is our favorite place to hang out on the entire island of Bali.  Located on Echo Beach,  is one of the hottesr beach clubs in the area. Always full, especially crowded around the sunset.

Photo: Facebook/ La Brisa

The complex is made from over 500 old shipping boats. If you like seafood you will be delighted with the menu.

It is ecological, cozy and yummy. The only down side is that its pool is in the back, not on the ocean front. Click here for the location.

The Lawn, Canggu

Of all the beach clubs in Bali, The Lawn is the most intimate one.

The music is great, people are chill and food is great.

The downside is that the party starts to die out an hour or so after the sunset. Click here for location.

Finns, Canggu

Finns is much bigger. Just the VIP section the size of The Lawn itself. Don’t let it turn you off as Finns isn’t necessarily a flashy place. Despite its size, it still feels intimate.

There are live DJ performances almost everyday during high season and a dance floor. So it is a little more party inclined than The Lawn. On special occasions like the new years they hold festivals. Great sunset bar. Click here for location.

Potato Head, Kerobokan


Potato Head the hottest beach bar on the list. But in comparison to the others, it feels more like a resort. It is also known for its Collesium like design made up of colorful shutters, salvaged from across Indonesia. Looks pretty impressive.

Source: Flickr / laviniaelysia

They also position themselves as arts and culture center. They host festivals, parties, exhibitions and installations by both local and international DJs, musicians, artists and architects. Click here for location.

Single Fin, Uluwatu

Single Fin is a cliff sunset bar with amazing ocean views. So it has no beach nor pool but it is probably the most loved beach club/bar in Bali. It is a surfer hang out. The design, the food selection, the mood, everything is aligned with that.

It gets very busy around sunset, so you need to call to reserve yourself seats in the front line. There is not much point in sitting in a middle table if you can’t enjoy the view. You watch the surfers till sun sets, and when it is getting dark the fisherman come out with their traditional boats. Their lamps look like fire bugs against the dark sea. Wonderful place, wonderful view. Coconut mojito is a must-try. Click here for location.

Jungle Fish, Ubud

Another beach club with no beach but its infinity pool looking into the heart of the jungle is quite special. Ubud infinitity pools are among the top Ubud experiences so if your hotel doesn’t have one, you can come here to try it and grab a yummy bite.


So food is an excuse to enjoy the setting. The food is pretty good too, but if gastronomy is a priority, better go to Locavore, Mosaic or Moksa in Ubud. Click here for location.

Ulu Cliffhouse, Uluwatu


Another “beach bar” without a beach.


Located on a cliff-top in Uluwatu, it offers great views but you are not able to watch the sun set into the sea because it is  facing north. Click here for the location.

Como Uma Canggu Beach Club, Canggu

Photo: Facebook / Como Uma Canggu

COMO Una Canggu is actually a accomodation complex. They allow non-costumers to their beach. That is to say it feels more like a hotel than a beach club.

Photo: Facebook / Como Uma Canggu

But if you want some where nice and quiet, why not. Click here for the location.

Omnia Dayclub, Uluwatu

Photo: Facebook / Omnia Day Club

Omnia is very famous for the big DJ events and parties they throw. Its eye-catching cubical structure (in the back drop in the second photo) has become an icon. It offers amazing cliff-top views and it is a great party venue. You should definately check out their calender before getting to Bali.

Photo: Facebook / Omnia Day Club

You will be surprised to see the superstar DJ they host. The only reason we didn’t list it in our favorite beach bars is that it is not cozy (not that is has to be). It aims for a more posh vibe. Russians would love the place. Click here for the location.

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