Without a doubt, the most highly sought after photo opportunity in Bali comes courtesy of the island’s famous “Bali Swings”. But it is more than just a great photo shot, it can be quite an exhilarating experience (depends on how hard you swing) and a must-try while on the island.

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Before we move on, let’s clarify one thing. “Bali swing” is 2 things:

  1. The generic name for Bali’s giant swings
  2. Name of one of the many swing parks on Bali.

Bali’s very first swing appeared in Ubud, they have sprouted up like mushrooms among the rice paddies. Here you find a handy list of Bali swing locations and prices. Also, we hope to help you figure out exactly which of these is worth the trip, as although they are all basically similar, the views they hold, their cost, and their location – along with what else they include (such as transfer, food, other swings etc.) vary greatly.

Are Bali Swings Safe?

The most widely searched topic on the subject of Bali’s swings is to do with exactly how safe they are. I had a look myself, and it appears that one French traveller, unfortunately, lost his life due to one – not from using it, but rather giving his child a push. In fact, it seems the general consensus is that these swings are more than sturdy. Besides, you are strapped into the swings with a whole host of mountaineering-type buckles and safety belts, eliminating the biggest risks.

What Else Is There?

Some locales offer just one swing, while others have become a veritable swinging paradise offering suspension at every altitude. Below, we’ve compiled a quick list of what each swing location has to offer.

Which Bali Swing Should I Go For?

Nearly all the swings here offer the same views; paddy fields and palm trees. The only one that offers a broad horizon for background shots is located on the Wanagiri Road. Right here, from the top of a mountain, one can dangle joyfully over the abyss soaking up the views of an incredible lake.

If you would prefer to gaze across paddy fields, then anywhere but Wanagiri will probably do. Our advice would be to check out somewhere along your traveling route. You’ll probably end up somewhere along the Tegalallang Paddy Fields.

Bali Swing Locations

Click to open Google Maps.

[column size=one_half position=first ]1. Wanagiri Swings
2. Bas De Atayana Swing
3. Tegallalang Pirinç Tarlası Swing
4. Uma Pakel Agro Tourism Swing[/column][column size=one_half position=last ]5.Bali Swing
6. Zen Hideaway Swing
7. Bali Chocolate Factory Swing
8. Bonus: Hotel Ombak Sunset Swing[/column]




Special Feature

Opening Times

Bali Swing


Ubud 10 USD entry

Park entry + Bali Swing ride + Lunch, 35 USD

15 swings
+ 3 tandem swing
+ 12 view bird’s nest
+ photo accessories: helicopter, boat, romantic bed and rocks with a view
8:00 – 17:00
Wanagiri Road Selfie Parks


Wanagiri 4 USD entry to Selfie Park

+  giant Bali swing ride 10 USD

4-5 selfie parks. Each is different but all have:

1 Bali swing
+ photo decorations: bird’s nest, hanging nest, ship’s deck

8:00 – 17:00
Tegelalang Paddy Field Swings


Ubud 10 USD per person Classic, giant Bali swing 8:00 – 19:00
Uma Swing Package


Ubud 10 USD per person 1 swing + coffee, trip around vanilla and spice plantations, famous Luwak coffee sample. 8:00 – 19:00
Zen Hideaway Swing


Ubud 17 USD per person One swing

Bas De Atanaya Heart Swing

 Bangli Free One swing ride + coffee tasting from local brewer, tour of vanilla and spice plantation, hike… 09.00-19.00

Bali Chocolate Factory SSwing

Karangasem Free Two ocean-view swings + hand-made chocolate tasting. 9.00 – 17.00
Bonus: Gili Island Datu Swing Gili Island The Hotel’s Own Swing with an amazing view of the ocean

1. Bali Swing

We begin with a look at Bali Swings.

If you are looking for Bali swing locations with enough to indulge visitors for a number of hours, with 15 different swings varying in height from 10 to 78 meters, including 3 tandem swings and photo props such as a bird’s nest, helicopter, and love hearts, then this is just the place.

There are Bali themed photo backgrounds; some showing green valleys, and others overlooking great waterfalls. This is all very well, but the problem is that the unrelenting crowds of visitors tend to get in the photos – especially those queuing for a ride. Honestly, I am not sure the swing here is different enough to be worth bearing the crowds. I for one would recommend not wasting a day of your precious time in Bali here.


Two tour packages are on offer. The first is full of a whole host of activities, while the other just allow for entry.

The Active package allows you to enjoy all the delights mentioned above – and also includes a free lunch. The cost comes to 35 USD each (including a shuttle ride from Ubud). If you pay 40 USD, the company will pick you up straight from your hotel and drop you back off directly. It cost 45 USD if your hotel is located in Payangan, Sanur, Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, or the Legian areas, and 50 USD if you are based in Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, or Benoa bölgelerinden. Children under 5 have free access to all park activities.

As for the Entry package, this also includes lunch, but only allows you entry and a few photo opportunities – and you don’t get tor ide on the swings. The entry price is 10 USD per person (including a ride from Ubud).

If you offer 15 USD, a shuttle will pick you up from your hotel and offer to take you back afterwards. If your hotel is in the Payangan, Sanur, Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, Legian areas, this rises to 20 USD, and rises to 25 USD if you are based in Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, or Benoa area.


A free shuttle service takes off from outside the Queen’s of India restaurant near Ubud Palace in the town center. However, you have to get in touch with the company first in order to get a ride.

You’ll be saved a space just by contacting the company via WhatsApp with details of how many people are in your party, which day you would like to visit, and which bus you would like to take. WhatsApp: +62 878 8828 8832 or +62 877 7708 8801. The shuttle times are listed below:

From the Queen’s Of India Restaurant, Ubud Center – Bali Swing Bali Swing – Queen’s Of India Restaurant
09.00 12.15
11.00 14.15
13.00 16.15
15.00 18.15

If you have your own ride or would like to get a taxi, the center can be reached with a 20-minute ride from the center. Website Opening Times: Every Day, 08.00-17.00 Address: Jl. Dewi Saraswati No.7, Bongkasa Pertiwi, Abiansemal, Kabupaten Badung. Click for location.

2. Wanagiri Swings

This is located along the Wanagiri Road that stretches over the mountain. Thanks to its high altitude, it hosts magnificent views of the Tambingan and Buyan lakes (Twin Lakes). Bali Swing locations don’t get much better than this.

As if it wasn’t clear already that the Wanagiri Road is a haven for Instagram flaunters, a series of “selfie parks” have been founded all along it. Many Bali swing locations and bird nests photo stop-offs have sprung up around the area. Generally, each selfie park contains one swing, along with decorative pretend swings. Although it doesn’t have the variety of Bali Swings, the location is something far beyond.

I think the selfie parks along the Wanagiri Road offer the most beautiful views in terms of Bali swing locations, but it is a little far off the beaten track. This makes it a little problematic, but at least you can be guaranteed to steer clear of the maddening crowds – and the price is much more reasonable.


Entry to the park costs 4 USD. This will get you selfies at all the main photo areas. However, a go on the giant Bali swings will set you back an extra 10 USD.

Opening Times: Every Day, 08.00-17.00 Address: Jalan Munduk – Wanagiri, Wanagiri, Sukasada, Pancasari, Sukasada, Kabupaten Buleleng. Click here for the location.

3. Tegelalang Rice Paddy Swing

A trip to the swings of the Tegalalang’s UNESCO protected rice paddies is the most practical option, as Tegalalang is already one of the most popular sites for day trips around Ubud. So why not kill two birds with one stone and view the rice terraces carved into chalk hills and check out the plentiful cafes and restaurants of the area as you climb higher and higher, enjoying ever more breath-taking views. This is


Entry is 10 USD per person. Opening Times: Every Day, 8:00 – 19:00 Address: Jl. Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar. Check out the location here.

4. Uma Pakel Swing

Although a little far from the UNESCO protected rice fields, this is still based around Tegalalang village. This nearby establishment welcomes guests as part of the environmentally conscious Uma Pakel Agrotourism group, a producer of specialty Luwak coffee – and thus, the place offers much more than many Bali swing locations, as guests are invited to check out the coffee, vanilla, and spice plantation and sample the famous Luwak coffee. Entry is 10 USD per person.

Opening Times: 08:00 – 19:00. Address: Jalan Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar. Check out the swing location here.

5. Zen Hideaway Swing

Zen Hideaway is actually a set of accommodation in Ubud, but non-guests can arrive at the complex to use the swings for a small fee. The site is around 30 minutes from Ubud in the village of Bongkasa. The site has a swing hanging from a coconut tree that offers a magnificent view of the Ayung River, a mini waterfall, Mount Agung, and the surrounding rice fields. Price: Around 17 USD per person.

Address: Jalan Dewi Saraswati, Banjar Tegalkuning, Bongkasa Pertiwi, Abiansemal, Badung Regency. Click for location.

6. Bas De Atanaya’s Heart Shaped Swing


Bas De Atayana offers a heart-shaped swing at the agrotourism location of Sribatu, surrounded by coffee and spice plantations that produce according to ecologically sustainable conditions. Plus, there are not many Bali swing locations on our list that are completely free.

When you arrive, aside from simply having a go on the swings, you can also sample some coffee produced locally, enjoy a stroll through the scenic terrain, and check out the eco-friendly vanilla and carnation plantations.

Address: Jalan Raya Jurusan Tampaksiring – Kintamani, Br. Sribatu, Penglumbaran, Susut, Bangli. Click here for the website and location.

7. Bali Chocolate Factory Swing

Source: Bali Chocolat – Facebook

The Jasri Beach in Karangasem has two coastal swings – and unlike most, these coconut tree swings offer visitors a clear ocean view. Plus, once you’re done with the swing, the most logical next thing to do is head to the cafe of the local chocolate factory to sample some homemade chocolate and pancakes. Use of the swings is free.

Address: Jalan Pantai Jasri, Pertima, Subagan, Kec. Karangasem  Opening Times:  9.00 – 17.00. Click for location.

BONUS: Datu Swing on Gili Island


The Hotel Ombak on Gili Island is the ideal place to enjoy the sunset over the ocean from the comfort of your own swing. As this is a private establishment, this is one of the few Bali swing locations, unfortunately, privy to hotel guests only. The swing also offers a breathtaking view of Mount Agung.

Address: Gili Trawangan, Dusun Gili Trawangan Indah, Gili Indah, Pemenang, Kabupaten Lombok Utara, Nusa Tenggara Bar. Click for location.

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