When it comes to deciding on where to stay in Nusa Penida, this is a much easier task than in other regions of Bali, as your options will be decidedly more limited. However, the way things are going right now, it looks as though Nusa Penida will soon hit the big time, and become flooded with hotels within the next ten years.

We’ve compiled a list of hotels in Nusa Penida that appeal to every budget. Its famous sea-front treehouses are also featured – if you’re lucky enough to find one available of course!

If you ask us, the hotels this summer are more than sufficient for a stay, but if you are looking for something more suited to a special honeymoon, then Nusa Penida can be a little lacking. The neighboring isle of Nusa Lembongan, however, offers a larger variety of accommodation and dining options. The island is only a short, ten-minute boat hop away, meaning you can easily explore Penida in the day, before returning to Lembongan in the evening.

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The Mesare Resort $$$

Photos: themesareresort.com

This hotel, located just 3 kilometres from the Peguyangan Waterfall, is equipped with its own infinity pool. The Mesare is made up of a total of 14 rooms overlooking beautiful cotton fields, forests, and mountains. For an additional fee, the establishment provides airport pick-up, meditation and yoga classes, and spa and aromatherapy sessions. The hotel also features a bar and restaurant serving a host of traditional Balinese dishes. Plus, an American breakfast is up for grabs every morning. Click for further details and booking options.

Penida Bambu Green $$

Photos: booking.com / penida bambu green

Penida Bambu Green is located among lush gardens along a hilltop just 16 kilometers from the Seganing Waterfall, and is made up of five adorable bamboo villas, each with its own unique balcony. The hotel offers a continental breakfast every morning and features a communal pool. However, there is no airport pick-up service available. Click for more information and booking options.

Rumah Pahon Tree House $

If you are looking for where to stay in Nusa Penida, then you probably already know that just 49 kilometers from Ubud, there exist three remarkable treehouses offering stunning ocean views from the sloping hillside. The Rumah Pohon Tree Houses are more popular than most hotels, and so make sure you book well ahead of your stay. This is without a doubt the best way to spend an exotic honeymoon with a childhood twist. Click for more details and booking options.

Petak Cottage $

Photos: Booking.com / petak cottage

Just 20 kilometers from the Seganing Waterfall, at a clear vantage point 23 kilometers from Pulau Seribu, Petak Cottage offers every guest their own sea-view bungalow. Visitors looking for where to stay in Nusa Penida might want the option between continental and American breakfast; if so, you are in for a treat as the options are extensive. The hotel offers an airport pick-up service.  Click for more information and booking options.

Swan Beach Inn $$

Photo: Source: Booking.com/ swan beach inn

The Swan Beach Inn is located 17 kilometers from the Pulau Seribu Observation Point and 26 kilometers from the Seganing Waterfall, and features various bungalow houses enjoying sea view among lush gardens. The hotel offers continental breakfast every morning as well as airport pick-up service. Click for more details and booking.

Sea Terras Suite and Luxury $$

Photos: booking.com/ sea terrace

Just 16 kilometers from the Pulau Seribu Observation Point and 27 kilometers from the Seganging Waterfall, the Sea Terras Suite and Luxury is a complex made up of a number of small, cosy homes. A continental breakfast is served every morning, while the hotel restaurant serves a variety of Asian dishes. There is also an airport shuttle service available. Click for more information and booking details.

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