You’ll be hypnotized by the waters of Kas, a Mediterranean seaside town located in southern Turkey’s province of Antalya. Kas beaches are among the best in the country – which is why we’ve dedicated a whole article to this little strip of a long coast. If it as the photo of an epic turquoise beach that convinced you to visit Turkey, it is very likely to be shot in Kas.

Its stunning beaches are just one of the many reasons to go to Kaş. It sets itself apart from the rest of the Turkish shores with its jazzy nights, unique experiences it offers such as kayaking tours over an ancient sunken city. If you are going to Kas, you really shouldn’t miss these: 24 Epic Things to Do in Kas

To learn more about great places to swim in other parts of Antalya, then you can head on over to our Best Beaches in Antalya post. And before we get started on Kas beaches, here’s a breakdown of the types of sandy strips you’ll find here.

Rocky / Pebbly Kas Beaches

Kas owes its clear waters largely to the fact that the seafloor is rocky. Here, waves can’t kick up sand that isn’t there. If you’re wincing at the thought of walking over a rocky beach, you don’t need to worry. The rocks have been rounded out by centuries of waves, so they don’t have sharp edges. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend buying water shoes for those of you with baby feet. 😉

Beaches with Children Versus Beaches without Children

There are also sandy beaches in Kas for children to play. Typically, couples go to rocky beaches, and families go to sandy beaches – it’s a natural filter. 🙂 Below, you’ll find information about which beach is best for you.

Beach Preference Based on the Month

– By far, the best thing about Kas is the sea, which is fed by cold underground waters. You will find that Antalya gets freakishly hot in the summer and nothing beats a refreshing dip. But if you’re coming in October, then you might desire something a bit warmer. In that case, you may prefer to go swimming in the warmer waters of Incebogaz in Kas.
– It’s no surprise the most popular places will be crowded during the summer months, so we’ll keep you apprised of which those are.

Three Ways to Enjoy the Sea

Even though the seaside is lovely, (1) renting a boat is without a doubt the best way to enjoy the sea. The second is to (2) drive around and find your own private bay to lounge in. Of course, this can be a bit of a hassle, so without further ado, here are our (3) beach recommendations:

You can view the map by zooming in.

  1. Kaputas Beach
  2. Seyrek Cakil Beach
  3. Patara Beach
  4. Akcagerme Beach
  5. Hidayet’s Bay
  6. Kucuk Cakil Beach
  7. Liman Agzi Beach
  8. Buyuk Cakil Beach
  9. İncebogaz Beach

1. Kaputas Beach

The absolute best of Kas beaches

And then God created Kaputas…This is one of the most spectacular beaches in all of Turkey, much less the best of all of Kas beaches. It’s located in the middle of the Sleeping Giant rock.

You’ll either have to come with your own car or via the minibusses that frequently passing through. Just be forewarned that if you do come by car, there are not many places to park, so it’ll be better if you arrive early and claim a spot for yourselves. You’ll have to walk down a number of stairs to get to the beach.

Here there is a cafe owned by the municipality, and you’ll be able to get everything you need there. There are beach services such as toilets, showers and sun chairs. Click here for the location. Number 1 on the map.

2. Seyrek Cakil Beach

Photo: Ciragan Villas

Located close to Kaputas Beach, Seyrek Cakil is a small, untouched beach on the side of the road. This is an excellent place for people who want to escape the crowds and be alone with nature. Click here for the location. Number 2 on the map.

3. Patara Beach

Source: Erdal Gülser / Foursquare

If you don’t want to go to a rocky beach, then this is a good place for you. But if you want somewhere you can relax away from other beachgoing families, then you’re in the wrong spot. Everyone comes here since this is a popular, public beach.

This is also the Caretta turtle’s most important breeding place in Turkey. It’s important that you don’t disturb the sand too much, like when setting up an umbrella, as the eggs of the turtles are deposited under the sand. Make sure to leave the beach before sundown as that’s when the turtles use the beach. Click here for the location. Number 3 on the map.

4. Akcagerme Beach

Source: Tripadvisor/ Nataliia T

As far as children’s favorite Kas beaches, Akcagerme Beach tops the list because there is a calm sea, an aqua park, tennis courts and plenty of other kids to play with. If you didn’t get the idea, this is a family beach.

It’s close to the center, and it’s a beautiful bay. You can get here from the center by taking a minibus, but you can also walk if you want. Because a vocational high school operates the beach, the prices are incredibly reasonable, but the quality of the service is “amateur.” Nevertheless, a lot of people come here. Click here for the location. Number 4 on the map.

5. Asmaalti Beach

Source: Foursquare/ Yasar A.

Asmaalti is right next to the harbor in the center and is the closest point to the sea. It’s also the most enjoyable spot to watch the sunset. Because of its location, it gets crowded during peak season. Click here for the location. Number 5 on the map.

6. Hidayet’s Bay

Source: Gezginnadya

This is a great bay; however, everything here has been commercialized, and you’ll have to pay for it all, from parking to town tolls. The overriding opinion of people who come here is that while the place is gorgeous, the way it is operated is horrible. 🙁

The sea is wonderfully calm. Because the sea comes from underground water, you’ll be half swimming in Antalya and half in the Baltic Sea. 🙂 Click here for the location. Number 6 on the map.

7. Kucuk Cakil Beach (Little Pebble Beach)

Source: Yeşim Ersin / Foursquare

Ok, confession: As far as Kas beaches go, we have to admit that Kucuk Cakil Beach is probably not the one of your dreams. The beach itself is practically nonexistent, and there’s only a very narrow strip of land where you can enter the sea. But it’s located in the center of Kas and is easy to get to. The beach is quite clean and shallow, which makes it a popular one.

You can think of this as the back side of Kas Port. And for any of you who have problems with their knees, let this be a warning for you: there are lots of stairs. If you come to this beach, you’ll have to constantly use their stairs – either to get to where you were sitting or to get into the water.

There are 7-8 beaches near to Küçükçakıl, one of them including Derya Beach, which is located in front of the hotels. Hotel guests can invite people who are not staying there. These are the most vibrant and lively places where you can swim in Kas. There’s a party environment in the afternoon with cocktails and music. Click here for the location. Number 7 on the map.

For accommodation, there are hotels lined up at the beginning of the beach. There are also hotels arranged along the slope behind the first row of hotels. Our top pick in the area was Lantana Aparts. Click here for the location.

8. Liman Agzi

Source: Güneş Çelik / Foursquare

The harder it is to reach a place, the better it is. Liman Agzi is one of the most difficult places to reach in Kas town, but it’s also the most untouched. It’s possible to get here by public transportation or by walking, but it might be a bit difficult.

You’ll have a nice time snorkeling alongside the Caretta turtles and other living sea creatures you might encounter. There are also a lot of restaurants you can choose from here as it’s a settlement. Click here for the location. Number 8 on the map.

9. Buyuk Cakil Beach (Big Pebble Beach)

This is one of the Kas beaches that is closest to town and still large, and it’s an excellent place for anyone who doesn’t have a car. It’s located only 500 meters from Kucuk Cakil Beach. Even though it has pebbles, it’s a nice beach with its vibrant blue waters and is only a 15-minute walking distance from the center of Kas.

It’s the type of place where you can sit around at night to stargaze and listen to people playing the guitar by a fire. We were in Kas in October, and the beach was free of charge. Click here for the location. Number 9 on the map.

10. Incebogaz Beach

Source: Raziye Şimşek / Foursquare

This is a special place located on a thinner strip of land leading to Cukurbag Peninsula. One side overlooks the open sea while the other side overlooks Bucak Bay.  This is a great place for anyone who wants to wander around aimlessly while enjoying the sea. Click here for the location. Number 10 on the map.

 Other Beautiful Beaches Outside Kas

If you’d like to know more about great swimming holes in the larger Antalya area, then head on over to our Best Beaches in Antalya post.



  1. Nice overview, but a few things have changed. Seyrek Çakıl has a restaurant, sunbeds etc now. And İnceboğaz doesn’t anymore. The picture at Büyük Çakıl is wrong, that’s Akçagerme. 😉

      1. Hello
        Thank you very much for this brilliant report

        Please can I ask a question..
        We are a mature couple in our 70s and looking for peaceful or family beach/ beach club.
        We do not want heavy music, young trendy crowds.
        Please don’t judge us as we have done all that and at our age are looking for something different.
        We were concerned when the term’beach club’ was muttered as don’t want the whole Ibiza young style( which funnily we did back in the day)
        Is there any particular beach you can recommend .
        We are staying in the Hideaway and a local easy to get to family type beach recommendation would be greatly appreciated
        Thank you so much in advance

        1. Hey Barbara!
          I get you, no worries!
          I wouldn’t say any of the Kaş beaches are Ibiza style party beaches but yes, they play music. If you would like to avoid any music better go to public beaches like Kaputaş.
          Have a great vacation

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